‘Day to Day’s days numbered. Specifically 2.

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That thing you thought would never happen when you didn’t pledge to your local NPR station happened. NPR canceled two great shows, going to show that public radio isn’t one of those magical things that just happened. Below, the LA Times eulogy.

‘Day to Day’s’ end severs NPR’s strongest tie to the West – Los Angeles Times.


Most poetic question in a science article ever?

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PHOTO IN THE NEWS: New “Rainbow Glow” Jellyfish Found.

The invertebrate is also incredibly fragile—it shatters as soon as it touches a net, she said.

“So it begs the question,” Gershwin said by email, “of how many fragile species are out there, right under our noses, that we have overlooked. … ”


Steele realizes he should talk less, does so

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I report with some relish that, within the first two months of his tenure, the GOP Chairman Michael Steele has become the “embattled,” even deciding that he’s so bad at saying in public what he actually means that he’s simply going to speak less often in public.

Maanam’s Nocny Patrol

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Best band ever? Easily Maanam. Below – my attempt to recreate their 1983 album “Nocny Patrol” via youtube videos.

Nocny patrol

Jestem kobietą

To tylko tango

French is strange



Raz-dwa raz-dwa

Krakoswki spleen

OMG, fake news makes the real (kind of) news

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Jon Stewart has gotten more press this week than possibly ever, thanks to attacking Jim Cramer for his misleading shenanigans on CNBC. Cramer finally appeared on the Daily Show to explain himself, and that made the news, too.

So remember, fake news readers on cable networks: just start attacking each other so you both get lots of lots of press. I mean, had you even heard of Jim Cramer before this week?

What’s bigger than the GDP of Croatia?

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If you guessed the amount of money Bernie Madoff defrauded investors of, you’re right!

And now he’s going to jail.

This scandalfuck (half scandal, half clusterfuck) even caused someone to use the phrase “Pyrrhic victory.” So thank you, Bernard Madoff.

Republican Party goes down in fireball, America safe for one more day

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All right, that didn’t actually happen, but it could soon, with any luck. The entire party seems to regret the appointment of Steele, that firecracker who just can’t seem to get started in his new post.

Granted, it’s a shaky political climate all around, as America realizes electing Obama wasn’t the panacaea that many dumber observers had asserted it would be, but at least the Democratic Party isn’t seriously pondering the role some liberal talk-show host might play in the future of the party. For the love of God and all that is holy, Michael Steele was forced to apologize for telling the truth about Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh‘s importance to the right is so great that their Chairman had to bow to pressure with a “j/k, lol, I tots ❤ Rush!”

If Arnold Schwarzennegar couldn’t do it singlehandedly, Rush Limbaugh should help take down the Republican Party in five to ten years, assuming he doesn’t overdose on pain killers.