Kate Clinton swallowed whole by intertubes

YouTube – Green Day.

THE PROBLEM WITH THE INTERTUBES is as follows: in fifty years when some kid is writing her dissertation about really awesome third-wavey feminist types like Kate Clinton, she’s going to stumble across this video of said Kate Clinton pretending to be still kind of drunk from St. Patrick’s day and all around making an ass of herself.

If video were still this really cutting-edge, expensive thing that involved a whole bunch of people making something look just write, everyone who was ever on film would sure as Hell have a script, and, moreover, one that had been checked for quality-control purposes.

IN SUMMUM, the internet can make you look like a total dbag, no matter how awesome you might be when you give yourself a little time and space to self-edit.

[Post scriptum: Kate, you also need new political material. Really, really badly.]


~ by thepostpasseist on March 25, 2009.

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