OMG, you people suck: homophobes

Baptists and Anti-Gay Groups Hold Marriage Rally in Raleigh, NC – Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men.

Invoking their god-given right to hate other people for being slightly different than them, hundreds of North Carolians – including one who suggested that gay marriage would lead people to start marrying their robots – gathered to let any of their dangerous and sick neighbors who might not already hate gay people (and, really, what are the chances they don’t?) that gay people are scary and you should hurry up and hate them.

Does it ever feel like it’s not the 21st century to you? If you’re worried your husband might leave you to get gay married once this country recognizes its responsibility to keep its promises to all its citizns because the temptation to suck dick is just so overwhelming, then you probably shouldn’t have married him in the first place.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got to go propose to my vacuum cleaner.


~ by thepostpasseist on March 5, 2009.

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