OMG, they shoot writers, don’t they?

Gossip columnist extraordinaire Liz Smith is, well, no longer a gossip columnist, at least not for any paper in New York. To be sure, she was making a fuck-ton, but that woman has been doing gossip right, probably since before her boss was born. (By the way, the first Google hit for Col Allan, editor of the Post, informs us that Liz Smith thinks he’s absolute shit.)

It hits home that the world is an ever-increasingly fucked-up place when the newspaper business starts to canabalize its stars. After all, what’s America without its gossip columnists? In her wake, no doubt a crop of young writers will appear who will try to fill her shoes for less money, but honey, you’ve got to make bank to fill this lady’s shoes.


~ by thepostpasseist on February 25, 2009.

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