OMG, it’s a scam

Have you recently applied for a cashier position on Craigslist? If you have, perhaps you’ve gotten some form of the following email in return:

Human Resources <> to — <—.com>
Feb 22

Thank you for having interest and taking the time to reply to our job opening here at zuluco Inc. We are pleased to tell you that your application is being considered for the final stage of our recruitment process.

Unfortunately, there is some missing information in your resume and we were not able to verify your details. It is important that you provide us your complete information before you can be called in for an interview. All employees and potential candidates are required to go through a verification process which entails verifying your personal details, SSN and your eligibility to work in the USA.

To confirm those details, you have to go through a mandatory credit check. This check is totally free to you and all details are totally confidential. We will not use bad credit to deny your application (your credit is not important to us). This is simply to verify your personal details.

To get your free credit report, we suggest using this provider

After you have completed your credit report, please email us the following at

– Your up-to-date resume.

– Your availibility for an interview.

Please be aware that interviews are being held on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you email us the above information, the better chance you have of getting an interview.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please DO NOT send us your credit report as that
information is confidential to you. You will only need the credit report
to see if you are qualified for the job.

Once again thanks for your interest in the position, we look forward
to working with you in the near future.

Sharon Jackson” is an eхpired domain. For those educated in Bush’s America, that means DON’T DO IT.


~ by thepostpasseist on February 23, 2009.

21 Responses to “OMG, it’s a scam”

  1. I got the same e-mail

  2. I got this email as well!!! Just sends you to a free credit report site trial. Which I am not going to do!! 🙂

  3. […] […]

  4. i just got the exact letter fro a customer servic ad on craigs list seems kind of weird I just about wenr for it i am truly looking for a job they say $21 to @23 pr hour WOW I bet a lot of people reply…. thanks for the info i will delete it and report it to C.L. thanks scott B spokane wa.

  5. I just got that email today. Verbatim, actually. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I received the EXACT same email as well….verbatim. Nice to know that there are those amongst us that want to prey on people legitimately trying to secure employment.

  7. I just received the same exact email today. Thanks for the info.

  8. I just got the same email for an emergency dispatcher in Colorado Springs. I will definitly delete it and report it to Craigslist!

  9. I got the same email today about a customer service position in Charleston, SC….not happy….I need a job!!!

  10. Ugh…more fake job ads on craigslist…it’s bad enough with the “career network” fake ads….

  11. Start running…the scam police just caught you! I am serious…you IP address has been traced and forensic discovery is being used to get to the bottom of this scam.

    This is what I sent the bastards

  12. I have applied to hundreds of ads on crigs list, or what I thought were jobs. I keep getting the same emails over and over and I am NOT sending any personal info ever. More and more people are out of work and these scammers completely wasted my time when I could have been applying to REAL jobs.

  13. I have been getting the same emails over and over again!!! Thank you so much. I have been wasting my time applying for what I thought were legitimate customer service jobs. I’m reporting all of these listings ASAP!!!

  14. As soon as I read the line “something is missing from your application” and that they needed a credit report a red flag went up. Then just out of curiosity I went to the site and to the screen asking for a credit card, I knew it wasn’t real!!!!!

  15. I got the same response, this KEEPS happening to me! What kind of sick fuckers prey on desperate job-seekers. Why would anyone want to steal the identity of someone who doesn’t even have a job??? What is the world coming to?

  16. Yes, just got the same email after applying (a week ago – so no idea what posting) to an h.r. position on Craig’s List. Thank you for posting this as it’s the only info I could find (not that I was going to fall for this). THANKS

  17. I too have received this message from several positions I have applied to on Craig’s List. I also agree that job listings on Craig’s list have wasted so much of my time. I used to think it was a great place to search – not anymore. However my nephew did find a job through Craig’s list for part-time which has now turned into full-time. Anyone have a better job search idea??

  18. Here’s their new email.

    Thank You for applying for our job here at Zuluco Inc. We have reached the application deadline and are now ready to interview and filter people to expedite the recruitment process.

    To take your application further, you are required to complete an online personality test. The purpose of the test is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. The test should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the test, you will hear from us within 48 hours to be called in for an interview.

    You can complete the personality test at the website below:

    Your unique password is ….

    We encourage you to take the test as soon as you can because as you can imagine, due to the bad job environment, we have had an influx of applications.

    Natalie Joe
    (Human resources)
    Zuluco Inc

  19. You take the personality test and then it leads to into a free Dell Laptop giveaway! That’s were I stopped, No one is going to give you a free laptop!

    Here’s more of their scam.

    Stage 2 of 2 – This stage consists of 3 questions. These are audio, visual and spontaneity testing questions. In these questions, you will be given a set of instructions that you would have to perform online and your performance and mouse movement will be studied. The time you take to perform these tasks will also be noted.

    I’m tired of this crap. I just want to get a reply from a employer!

  20. Yes, that’s definitely a scam. There are also other Craigslist scams posted on ( I visit that site regularly to see what’s going on with the latest scams online!

  21. I have received very similiar emails. Since my gf was actually looking for a job at the time, she thought it was legit. So she filed for the credit report as requested. 5 days later, she was charged $20 for the credit report service. They refused to refund her the money. So this is nothing but a scam.

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