To market, to market, to write a fat mega-post

In news that still somehow seems unmotivatedly strange to Americans, European leaders meet to discuss bank policy ahead of the G20 summit in London. (Did you know there was a G20? ‘Cos I sure as fuck didn’t.) The NY Times fronts the jitters of Angela Merkel, who assures America that they totally won’t go into forfeiture and stuff.

Meanwhile, UK central bank writes checks, gets stuff. Apparently, this is really, really good.

Hey, ya know who’s doing really well in the market? Barbie. She’s all like 50 and shit. Barbie is Ken’s sister in real life, though. OH NO, NOW MATTEL STOCK IS PLUMMETING!

So, as we face this global economic crisis like the crying schoolchildren our cushy lives have turned us into, what do we want to read about after a day of looking for jobs as fry cooks? Books about the people who fucked up the global economy during the Great Depression. Hey, what do you think they’re going to call this depression in the history books? My imaginary money’s on “The Depressing Depression.”

Bush (the W kind), meanwhile, apparently feels confident in his future, turning down a job at a hardware store. He might want to reconsider though, at least until he finds a publisher for that memoirs of his.

Finally in market news, bustling market in Cairo bombed. Ok, it’s kind of a pun, but it has the word market in it!


~ by thepostpasseist on February 22, 2009.

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