It’s, like, eating your brain (LOL!!!11won!)

Everyone knows Googling something is a totally fair, unbiased way of finding out how common something is. Like Wikipedia. For instance, cute baby gets 28,000,000 hits, while woman fucking horse gets 378,000, making women who love horses in that special way 1.35% as common as babies that are, in fact, cute. OBJECTIVELY.

So, it turns out LOL has been catalogued by Google 412,000,000 times, while OMG gets a measly 72,000,000 search results. You’ve also typed 6,910,000 ttyl’s and 6,130,000 brb’s, which everyone knows means “I’m going to make a burrito and then totally forget that I was fake talking to you in the intarwebz.” Pulling up the rear in this competition is my favorite intarwebz interjection ZOMFG, which has 2,960,000 results on Google.

Also, for those of you monitoring the end of the intarwebz, Google gets about 2,600,000,000 hits.

ZOMFG, LOL, made you Google Google!


~ by thepostpasseist on February 22, 2009.

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